I took down the beige and fired up a G4 tower. It booted straight from the small CD and I began the debian install over the internet. Total GUI. Too easy.

That beige is too much work to install Linux on papabill. The floppy doesn't work and there is a bad RAM slot, and I know your funds are limited but your iMac, or for $50 a G4 AGP tower would be much more useful in the long run for both Linux and OS X. (Make sure it's an AGP G4 and not a PCI.) You'll be fighting that beige the whole way, and you'll be fighting it on your own. Sorry but I wipe my hands of Linux on the beige.

Good luck if you want to continue, but to compare, installing Linux on the beige is like walking through dense forest across a continent on a moonless night to get to your destination, and the New World machines are a jet with auto pilot and easy access to a climate controlled terminal to take off and land from.

I'll let you know how it finishes up when we land. grin

Edit - No need to burn 8 CD's with the net install either, and it seems it only downloads what it needs for your machine.

Thanks for the kick start though papabill, I have never installed Linux. Used and played with it but never installed it.

Edit #2 - Not a GUI install, my bad, but an easy to navigate and simple installer. Tab, arrow, Enter etc.

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