Bird/Candy is having issues with logging in:

I can read the posts there but can't log in. I have been trying for over a week When I put in bird and forgot says password mailed....I figured out that I changed by e-mail when I was finally able to get off land line. Anyway.....sent in several e-mails and they were returned from applecentral. I went to mactech and tried to check in with bird and they said that name was taken etc go. I bit the bullet and registered at mactech with avian and my new i can get in to mactech but when I go to applecentral and log in it says that i am not registered.I have written in and get a reply from mactech to reset passwordetc i did and yet joy. I think it is a lost cause....maybe someone can help ....I am exhausted from trying[insert sadface here]. I had posted here before but when I came back they had bird but my new e-mail wasn't registered so i re-registered as avian and my new e--mail.

Looking at her profile, she registered with an older email that I don't think she uses/has anymore. So I think the password is going to that old email. I sent her a message (not on here) letting her know, so perhaps she can fix that.