I've been using ClickToFlash for a while now, but the latest episode of the Talk Show has prompted me to go a step further and completely remove the global Flash plugin from my Macs and substitute Google Chrome for ClickToFlash. Let me explain...

Chrome ships with Flash baked in, it does not use the global Flash plugin every other browser utilizes. This means you can delete the global plugin, run Flash free in Safari or Firefox, and just pop over to chrome when you need Flash. Not only that, but Flash gets updated automatically when Chrome does so you always have the latest/safest version.

But wait, why not just use ClickToFlash and avoid a second browser altogether? Well, you can, but there's a reason why deleting the global plugin is better. Browsers using ClickToFlash still tell the websites you visit that you have Flash installed. This can cause certain sites to display differently than they normally would. For example, visiting Google Finance to check stock prices without Flash gives you a Java based chart. With ClickToFlash it defaults to the Flash chart even though you really don't have Flash activated. Also, some sites serve up Flash ads only when Flash is detected in the browser, otherwise they serve up static ads.. Using ClickToFlash is actually helping Flash appear more prevalent than it is, and it's removing revenue potential for websites in the process.

If you don't care for Flash, this is a great way to let your browser convey that message.