I didn't see that many either. There were a few after he: (1) illegally invaded Iraq, (2) set up secret wiretaps, and (3) was caught with atrocities like Abu Grahb, Gitmo, etc.
And there were other things, but these were the biggies. But they weren't as widespread and frequent.

WHAT has Obama done on that level?
Healthcare, Financial Reform, stimulate the economy to stop job losses ?

I don't think they're even close.

Also I didn't hear from the left 1 month after Bush took office, "I hope he fails". I didn't hear any Democrat Leader in Congress say that their #1 job was to see him defeated. I didn't see the Dems make record filibusters to stiffle Bush (maybe they should have). In contrast, I also didn't see Bush and his cronies make ANY effort to have any level of bipartisanship... it was "you're with us or against us" "Our way or the highway."

Sorry, in many ways Bush deserved it (but I still don't approve), Obama doesn't.
David (OFI)