Well, really, since I'm on the internet anyway, I suppose a few minutes doesn't hurt. Was just sketching off Google images for a characters styleguide for animated cartoons, to make stuff much simpler in the whip it and ship it production part - If need be, should just be able to offload to anyone with the chops, and maintain consistency and nuance ( facial expression, gestural expression, etc ) - So, it's a big deal - Need to get it done, and need to whip it and ship it. Female central character is ridiculous, so basing her features off Madonna because it's obvious ( recognizable ridiculous figure - now, to be clear, I'm not one of those dudes who dislikes Madonna because she's an accomplished powerful woman - in fact I don't know her, so don't dislike her - I think she's ridiculous, though smile ). Basing off is simpler, too, instead of the aggravation of reinventing/inventing original new features, whatever - Well, the recognizability, I think, is more an asset than a liability. The central character's gal pal is just a generic lump - No big deal - Needed a gal pal, though, to make stuff work. Decided there had to be a guy pal, too - So, Michael Richards ( Cosmo Kramer ) seemed a natural for basing features off of. Interesting, expressive face and bones. Ridiculous recognizable figure.

This stuff isn't as easy as you'd think. There's identifying and delineating features for expressiveness, graphicalizing them. Then further refinement to quick and easy templated calligraphy ( term for reduction to interesting interplay of thick and thin strokes, easily wrought by any talented enough hand, with proper tools, in this case, long elongated marker tips that render according to subtle pressure - and direction of stroke makes a difference, too ). There's stuff to this stuff.

So, that's what I was doing when I just now hopped on here.

Besides, I like to enjoy myself at this time of year. It just quickens me perhaps. Gives an urgency to other stuff besides a keyboard. Time away from the keyboard is a lot better than time on it - Well, I guess unless you're doing something productive, perhaps, resolving something, researching, transacting something useful, etc.

No big thing. Just wasting too much time here. That's basically it. I was up in the mountains yesterday ( well, what Californians call mountains - A Northwesterner wouldn't call them that smile ).

Anyway, later. Busy, busy,


Oh yeah, this is that time of year, too, where people hit me up for portraits. Gazillions of portraits to bang out. We're taking four days around Palo Alto and San Francisco, entertaining, some opera my girls and wife want to see ( but not me, thank God ), carrying on with friends, couple nights in hotel, shopping, dinners, etc - That's mid-November, some holiday break, then there's Thanksgiving to prepare for, down in Goleta/Santa Barbara. If you fail to plan, well, the results can be more fun and better if you plan.

Nothing personal - There's just stuff to do, is all.

Lots of stuff to do.
Fine! Ethel/Kate/Starmillway