Neil, sorry for this long thread that keeps sending you emails. I feel responsible because I tried to initiate the conversation about how the modertors are acting. Even this thread title shows I have explained myself poorly if the modertors think that subsections ae the problem. It's not, it's overactive moderators moving threads around until it seems a bit of a bad joke. Bill Atkinson thread which was about an iPad app gets moved to who know where. Yoys thread in the lounge about an NPR show on religion gets moved to the soapbox because it has religion in the title.

What they really need to do to keep the forum working, active, drawing new members is to back off.

Sorry again about going about this the wrong way right before you head off to the convention. If it was on the east coast I would go. I went to the first ten Boston MacWorlds when computer conventions were fun. Hope yours recaptures that wild west feel.

If one of your speakers falls thorugh with two days notice I can do 20 or 50 minutes on "Computers and Biotechnology, How to outdo Moores' Law when the data are overwhelming Moore".