John, I've mentioned over and over in many threads that we have discussed with Neil about changing the number of forums but it wasn't good enough for some. Then those complaining just complain more, that is has been 2 years and it should have been taken care of already.

They obviously don't follow MacTech or MacNews because they don't have a clue as to how busy Neil has been the last 2 years with all of his acquisitions and trying to build AppleCentral and its web presence, and don't understand why the wants of only a few people in the forums are not a high priority right now.

He's hosting a Conference for a few hundred people in a week or so that have shelled out good money to attend, making sure the arrangements for those that are coming from all over the country are in place.

Some here have kind of a self-important attitude IMO. They don't get the scope of his whole operation, it's much more than this chat room.