Well, most essential/useful cloud services are free. And when you consider that most people don't ever backup, they're more reliable, too, since most have daily incremental backups and weekly full overwrites. However, everyone should have a local backup or archived media disks, whatever, too.

The only paid cloud apps I have are photos/video and music. Paid photos/video for (1) unlimited/uncapped monthly upload, and (2) original source file ( although Zooomr [ Zoho ] has unlimited/uncapped uploads and original source files - they're great, and I like em - forget why I went with a paid Flickr - oh yeah, at the time they didn't do the nice slideshow embeds, like Flickr, something like that, small change ). Oh, Flickr does videos/movies, too - Forget if Zooomr does. Paid Flickr worth it.

Paid music because in addition to uncapped libraries, playlists like in iTunes - Basically an iTunes clone - Worth the money for anywhere any device any platform with a browser access. Paid music worth it.

The only real issue is volitality, and people have their head up their arses over that. What's the story on that? - The same people that go nuts over having their data available permanently are the same people going nuts over losing their data.

Backup everything locally and don't be dumb about what you put in the cloud, but it's less a quick fuse with the cloud.

Fine! Ethel/Kate/Starmillway