Bottom-line: a really simple, user-administered, cloud OS is the next killer

Dave's always good for mining diamonds among the coal - Brilliant, thus a prolific dude.

I like this comment, but it will never fly ( even if Apple, the only one capable of simplifying/dumbing this down, works it - well, maybe after a period of toying around, people might go for a point and shoot braindead simple ). If Apple could do it invisibly, in the background, Jetsons simple, it would fly. Altough, inevitably, in Jetsonsville, this is where we'll be, or something like that smile . Of course, they don't mention the router in all this, which must keep pace also, but of course it will - It has to.

The only "cloud service" I'm interested in is one where I own the hardware. Privacy, freedom from corporate censorship, and avoiding yet another monthly bill are more important to me than global access to my data.

If Microsoft (or Apple) were smart, they would reinvent the "home server," complete with auto-syncing of photos and movies between friends/family (full res), encrypted distributed backups among your friends' machines (with one-click barn-raising if your hard drive fails), and zero-configuration design that works behind NAT (for after ISPs stop assigning routable IPv4s). A P2P killer app that would replace Facebook, email, and Time Machine. Host it on EC2 if you want, but giving people the freedom to host it themselves is key.

Fine! Ethel/Kate/Starmillway