Hi all, long time no see.

So, a few years back I bought a used Airport Extreme which has never given me problems until now. Anyway, my iMac had been slowing down considerably so I decided to reinstall Snow Leopard for the first time (I was one of those who skipped Leopard, the first time I skipped one of the cats now to think of it). My iMac seems to being humming right along now that I have reinstalled, except my Airport pooped out. Using Airport Utility, it tells me it is hooked up to the internet and I get a strong signal but nothing happens, no email and no surfing. I figured it was something that was screwed up when I uploaded, or settings I had forgotten about. All to no avail.

And, here is the strange part, my wife's cheap little windows laptop also says the same thing: it's connected to the Airport, strong signal, but when you actually try to use the internet you get nada. How could reinstalling SL do this to the airport? Admittedly, I have done a lot of screwing around, reset the aiport, changed setting, reverted settings, etc, but I remember when I first hooked up the airport it was a no-brainer, it pretty much just worked when I hooked it up. Is that how you know an Airport Extreme is going bad; it shows a signal and says it's hooked up but gives you no internet?

Any ideas? Thanks.
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