we are cowboys going without the support of the world and it's costing us...some would argue that the price is worth it (that's not the point of this post).<br> <br> i say that diplomacy was such an easy thing to achieve yet the claim that this is about oil is directly at the heart of the diplomacy failing. i think having world support to oust this evil man would have been one of the easier things dubya's done, yet he refused to "lose the oil" for his friends. france and russia are largely against any action in iraq because they have deals for developing the oil fields and reserves in iraq. if dubya had really wanted to get the appearance of having the world behind this mission, he would have come right out and said that this isn't about oil and that france and russia will have their current contracts recognized when the dust settles. american companies could have still made a buck off of cleaning up and rebuilding, but france and russia won't have their contracts nullified. that would have been easy and would have shut many up with regard to this being about oil. diplomacy was never a target...oil was and is. <br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>