I live on the 7th floor of a high rise apt bldg. As I was in my bedroom reading the paper I heard a loud "yelp" (as best as I can describe it) followed almost at the same time a loud thud.
Didn't think nothing about it. Approximately 15 minutes later, went into the living room to put paper away when I heard a lot of commotion outside.
Went on the patio & noticed crime scene tape around the front of the apt bldg. Low & behold, I looked to the left & saw a man stretched out below my bedroom window 7 stories down. I went & grabbed my iPod Nano & started taking a video of the scene.
The following are snap shots of the videos I had taken.

Body is missing one shoe, shirt is around his neck & pants half way down. Note, body is splayed out. Not like in the movies or tv with one leg & one arm crocked. Body stayed uncovered for 2 hours.CSI started taking photos of the top of my building (12th floor). So either the man jumped from the roof, the 12th floor patio (which is hard to do) or from a bedroom window (no patios to block his fall).

Torrential thunderstorm began, so they decided to cover body with a white sheet. All the po-po got into their cars, some came into the bldg lobby to wait out the storm.
Body laid in rain storm for 30 minutes & all the while blood (from head wound?) was seeping through sheet. Lawd knows what other evidence was washed away or got soaked.

After the 30 minute rain storm, cops taped & pieced together some garbage bags afterwards throwing it over the white sheet (to hide the blood & body?)
More CSIs came on the scene 5 hours later, pronounced him dead, put body in back of truck, end of show.
The coroner never did show up!

Will be back later when I find out why:
#1 - It took CSI 5 hours to arrive on the scene of a suicide to remove the body? Was the coroner part of the townships budget cuts?

#2 - It took 2 hours to cover the body & only because it started to rain?

#3 - If the body fell from above my apt from a bedroom window, why didn't I see him? My bed is right next to the window!

STAY TUNE..................