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Hey hey, Neil, that worked! I got the one-of login email, changed the password to what it was before, and now I can log in. I tested it by logging out of the account at MacTech then logging back in. I was already logged in on the forums so I don't know if logging in over at MacTech logs me in over here--but I really don't care. I'm just happy that the login issue is resolved. Thanks!

Now that you can log in at MacTech, what advantages do you have over not being logged in? You can comment on the articles there. Anything else?

I created starmill Ethel and logged in at MacNews. I read an article until it says go to "more" which takes more seconds wait. I then enter a subject line [why] and make a comment. I must preview the remark [no choice not to preview it] and then after it is submitted I went to the top of the page to click on "MacTech" news and waited while it slowly came back on my screen. [Slower than our forum pages reload.]

While still logged in as starmill Ethel I saw a list of latest topics on the right side of MacNews page and clicked on one. I went directly to the Forums and the page I selected. But -- I was KateSorensen as I was already logged in there. That's fine with me.

I just do not see the need to log in at MacTech news if making comments is the only advantage and it is too slow a process. Might be nice to read other people's comments, but there is no indication of any comments unless you look at the end of each article!!