ichroma, No ticking noises. Since I do have issue with it sometimes "forgetting" the date and time, the battery thing isn't such a bad idea.

Reboot, fans are working fine, although I have to clean them more often than I like. (A lot of books = a lot of dust.) I had a PCI exhaust fan in there for a while, but it did nothing to cool it down. It should also be noted that it would do this after everything in the cases is cleaned and dusted, and the card is freshly reinstalled.

Both of you echoed my thought of it being the power supply - every plug on it is being used, so more likely than not it is probably sucking too much. Would modifying a beefier power supply fix the problem? I've seen hack pages in the past, though I don't know where I'd find the info on doing that now. The Power Supply is the same that came with the case and original (A) motherboard. (344 watts)

I should note that I don't want to invest too much more moeny into this: I want to do a clean system upgrade next year on all of my computer components, so I want to save as much money as possible.