I followed these instructions but syncing to Address Book and iCal isn't working correctly:

1. Address Book

All the contacts sync but only the name and company sync; no phone numbers, addresses, etc., are transferred to Address Book.

2. iCal

None of the calendar entries show up in iCal. Yes, I added the "sync" tag to all the events. (In the Events List view, I selected all, and then clicked on "sync" in the Tag list.)

Can anyone give me ideas on getting the sync to work?

I'm really just trying to get my data out of Now Contact & Up To Date. The import to Now X was slow but looks good. I'm figuring that a sync to Address Book will be more robust than exporting to VCard and importing to Address Book.

If the VCard intermediary is just as good then I'll try just doing that; no need to get the sync working.

Thanks in advance.

- nello