Well I mainly spend my "browser time" on the internet in forums or news pages or searching for info and updates. I don't use my browser for anything that might need an order form nor a reciept. I still prefer to deal with a bank teller and have scissored any credit card that ever came my way. There is nil likelyhood that I will ever need streaming video or streaming anything much as I will be dead before they get around to giving me a connection fast enough.<br><br>Without any shadow of a doubt, proven everywhere I have been, there is no better browser for MY use in ALL forums (not just some..) and that browser is Netscape 4+. I have no need for AIM and Real(shyte)Player to be the main integration of my browser so I will likely never install Netscape 6+.<br><br>I will likely NEVER buy anything over the net.<br><br>Unless I can start selling over the net. Maybe then I may do more business on the net.<br><br>Yes I am an ignoramus. <br><br>But I am happy. Netscape allows me to change things a lot easier. Yes IE 5 is the best at handling things like CSS.. I use IE when I need it (it works really well in this forum and acts like a sick dog in others..) <br>IE 5 is too stcict in its adherence to standards which I have no use for let alone want to have forced upon me.<br>IE renders pages a little faster (great) and handles all the behind the scenes stuff in a better integrated fashion but ... I don't need that so much as others may.. I find it a burden more than a help.<br>No Netscape is not compliant to the newer standards but then how many webpages are built to these new standards?<br>In another thread somewhere on this forum (not going looking for it) I saw where the writer was berating the amount of crap websites built by inexperienced designers.... yes in time the whole web will become more standardized and more efficient but the fact remains that not only will that be some time coming ... but that there will now always be a large number of crap pages on the web unless someone bothers to update them or remove them... all of which will happen at the pace decreed by the site owners and no one else.<br>Everyone has a different idea of which 90% of the web is the 90% of the web worth visiting.<br><br>I use iCab when I want to play with it (I still find it clunky but that may be the sites as much as the browser?)<br> I use Opera for similar reasons... to my mind Opera has a lot going for it as long as they give it some java support etc and keep it a nice clean fast downoload browser... as though it does not recognise files and process them ... I have never had a corrupted file from it. They all unstuff properly when I manually do it. I have never seen Opera blow its mind and lose itself like I have seen IE do getting the whole system screwed in the process..Requiring extensive system anlysis and often a complete reinstall of IE and or system components..<br>Whereas, Netscape sometimes gets corrupted and reinstall the registry fixes it every time.<br><br>In fact I am so used to Netscape that I don't miss any of the so called missing things that IE users may point to. I do know that whenever I use IE I immediately miss the features/aspects that I know and love which are available in Netscape but are NOT in IE. Then again I am one of those rarities still married to my first wife.<br><br>Mind you I DONT use and have hacked out 3/4 of Communicators features so it is no wonder I find IE superfluous.<br><br>So you see each of us has different uses/needs for browser capabilities. Some of us are resistant to change. Most of us are using old outdated equipment. Many are using old antiquated browser versions ...MOST of the pages are not necessarily compliant with version 5 browsers.... the consumer has a long way to go to even be compliant with the net let alone the "new microsoft world order".<br><br>IMHO from one whom has been and played with being at the forefont of the tech race but in reality lives and breathes, happily ignorant in the backwoods.<br><br>..

but where will we be when the future comes?