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One of the biggest problems is that the pseudo-scientific cookie cutter cleanup plans sold to MMS to keep everybody happy that all parties signed off on have now been proven totally inadequate

Exactly. The heat should be on MMS and the deregulation that occurred. Republicans do not want to do that because it would show their small government deregulation philosophy is what is at fault here. MMS, Republicans who are blocking subpoena powers in the investigation, and tea baggers who just want to dispose of all government regulations should be under fire.

Focusing on BP and the simple freak accident theory is playing their game. As you said BOPs fail 50% of the time. No one knew what to do if one failed one mile below the ocean. So there might be a reason for having a regulation in there that says you can't do it. If regulations allow it big oil and BP is going to do it. That is not BP's fault. It is the lack of regulation by incompetent Bush cronies in MMS. At least that is where I would start to look for changes that would keep this catastrophe from happening again. Calling Tony evil does nothing. It is a distraction that will have devastating consequences if we are so distracted we don't fix the problem.