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It is absurd that big oil would be loving this story. Big oil concerns doing business in the Gulf are in the process of losing millions, maybe billions of dollars due to negligence on this rig and the now de facto moratorium. In fact, the opposite is true.

You misrepresent what I think big oil is all jiggy about. Sure big oil would like no huge catastrophes as the Deep Water Horizon but once the inevitable happens there is containment. On the sea and in the news.

The story is: BP is at fault possibly a couple of middle managers freaked that their decisions could cost their boss a bonus, end of story.

You are correct that big oil would love this story. But stuff happens. Then they love the deflection that is occurring.

It is all BP's fault. End of story. Let's move on and drill deeper shall we? That is your story. I think it has as much credibility as Saddam's WMD so I am going to wait a tad.