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Well keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night, but that's not exactly the story I interpret.

But how do you come by this expert opinion? Oh, right, you read the internet. You are making my point. Everything else you say in the thread is completely true and completely irrelevant.

We are so certain of things because the media and big business tells us so. A freak accident, lets get back and drill deep. How is this any different than the 99.5% certainty of WMD and the point five was ridiculed. Sometimes the half percent are right. Sometimes big oil is looking out for their interests so they very much want it to be a freak accident. Is that too absurd that Samson oil, Haliburton and the rest of big oil is loving this story and getting out there and cheering. I am not saying they wrote the story but they sure do love it. BP is wrong all by itself in fact it was all Tony's fault and one middle manager on the rig. Hang them and then lets get on with business.

I think I will wait until the facts are known before I swallow your expert opinion. Someday you might actually get one right. This one could be your lucky day.