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Take the Samson oil testimony (they want to drill too) and blame BP for a freak accident that could have been avoided.

That's what I mean by being led around by the nose. You are listening to the popular media story, the big oil story, the "BP is at fault and no one else especially not the citizens of the United States who have the highest per capita consumption of oil in the world".

Well keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night, but that's not exactly the story I interpret.

As you say, a freak accident. By running a lab you're in charge of other people's safety, so you should lawfully have the reasoning to understand how accidents happen - and also understand that *you* are ultimately the one responsible if they do.

There is an entire chain of events leading up to this accident. One link in that chain gets broken, the accident doesn't occur.

If we have an outside vendor in our plant come in to do work on presses, bypass a safety switch and he gets crushed in the press is it the outside company's fault? No, it's our fault and we are responsible because it's our legal obligation to oversee his work. We should have taken the time to make sure the press has no power, all safety checks are in place - even if that means it takes an extra day or two and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars extra in downtime. If they come in, do a half ass job and a bearing later breaks in a roller, shoots out and crushes a plant employee, guess what... it's our fault again. It's our equipment, and we have the legal responsibility to check that work and make sure it's up to code before resuming operations.

In fact, we've rejected outside companies equipment before when they've come to install new machinery for us, because we felt the equipment wasn't in good enough order, or wasn't safe enough to operate in our plant. They don't get to start any work until we inspect what they're going to install it with.

In other words - it's our legal responsibility not only to make sure that 3rd party contractor is doing their work properly, but that they are never put into a position where they would have to take shortcuts.

So, if Haliburton did a crappy job with cement, or rushed it - BP should have *SHUT DOWN OPERATIONS*. If Transocean couldn't handle the drilling, or were rushing, BP should have *SHUT DOWN OPERATIONS*. Likewise, Haliburton or Transocean should have never been under pressure from BP to take shortcuts.

Should we let the rest of the oil industry off the hook? No, of course they should be scrutinized and examined as well. Should we let BP off the hook, because Haliburton or Transocean took a shortcut? No, it's their well and they're bound to oversee those sub contractors do that work correctly.

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