If you have been reading all the BP threads I think you are being disingenuous. Everyone except KM blames BP. Hard to lock down one sentence but when everyone discusses blaming BP and never bringing up Transocean or Haliburton or the entire oil industry as possibly being at fault it seems pretty clear.

What sucks is that the media wants it this way because one villain makes a story. If the entire oil industry is the villain it doesn't sell since then the public might have to blame themselves for being so in love with their oil consuming ways. Telling people they have to cut back and get rid of the SUV is just too unpopular.

This mantra of BP being the villain is also what the entire oil industry wants. They want to get back to drilling off shore. Today. The absolute fastest way of doing that is to do what you are all doing. Take the Samson oil testimony (they want to drill too) and blame BP for a freak accident that could have been avoided.

That's what I mean by being led around by the nose. You are listening to the popular media story, the big oil story, the "BP is at fault and no one else especially not the citizens of the United States who have the highest per capita consumption of oil in the world".

These threads are even worse. Some of this carping seems to be "if I can blame BP and Keymaker for the Gulf Oil spill then I am totally blameless. It's just that British arrogance shown by Tony Howard's gaff that is to blame". It is now only when it finally sinks in how well you have been played that some kind of open mind is being imagined and others might be to blame.