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I wouldn't dismiss someone's viewpoint just because they're a comedian. As a matter of fact he made several valid points including his observation that all the blame is being directed at just one party despite the clear implication that others had a hand in the catastrophe. As for evidence to prove a negative - the points I've made in defence of BP are based upon the facts that 1. the rig was owned and operated by Transocean; 2. the BOP was manufactured by Cameron International and 3. Halliburton was responsible for cementing the well. If you let me know which if any of those suppositions you take issue with I'll try to point you to a relevant resource. Now if you don't mind I'd like you to produce your evidence that no other party apart from BP was in any way at fault and culpable for the tragedy. See the point?


1. Ownership doesn't mean as much when the BP Operator on the rig overrules your decision and decides NOT to put in the 3rd plug (Standard Procedure). BP was calling the shots, NOT Trans Ocean !

2. The BOV manufacturer may be off the hook too (or partially) because the 3rd plug was never installed and there were indications there were seal leaks days before but BP said "NO we don't have time to stop and replace them - damn the risk, full speed ahead !!" (2 strikes on BP)

3. Halliburton - again may be off the hook becasue BP didn't let them COMPLETE the job ! It's like if a garage is putting tires on your car and only put on 3 and ready for the 4th BUT you insist you don't need it and you're in a rush and drive away. Then you have a wreck - WHO's fault is it ?

BTW I never said it was ALL their fault, just 75-80%.

DO YOU see the point? (I'm not holding my breath!)
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