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It would seem you're too ready to accept any crackpot allegation as necessarily true as long as it's anti-BP. How do you know the internal memos concerned verified calculations that were communicated to their spokesmen? Or that the accusations of faked safety tests aren't themselves completely bogus and malicious? You accept all that but show not the slightest interest in what Eddie Izzard has to say. Why? Because it's not anti-BP, that's why.


OK I'll digress for a minute... here's why KM . . . WTF is Eddie Izzard?

a comedian...

did he ever work in the oilfields for BP ?


Did he ever even work for BP ?


is he an oilman with any expertise ?


Did he do any detailed technical analysis ?


so who is Eddie Izzard?

a comedian !!

This argument is pure dribble, KM.

Eddie Izzard has NOTHING of substance to contribute to this argument... he's an comedian !

Lastly is he making a biased opinion... absolutely ! His Dad worked for BP... he grew up with it... so it's not like he's objectively going to analyze all the information. This is why they don't let Drs and lawyers have family members as patients and clients.

AS many have said - IF you have Data to support BP not being the major culprit - POST IT ! You don't want to accept information from American sources - You're in the UK- where's the data from the BBC ? you keep avoiding this request over and over because you know there isn't ANY !! What does that tell you ?

I can tell why you never made the Debate Team KM !! laugh
David (OFI)