Speaking of dead phones I find it is all about the signal strength. My iPhone stays charged all week in town. But if I spend the weekend in a place that has really shaky to no signal the phone can be dead in one night.

Is there a setting one can use on the iPhone to tell it to not waste so much juice trying to find a signal? Even if the setting was, "do not look for a signal unless I activate the phone". I do not need to answer any calls right away but I do need a live phone.

On a side note: finally got the TomTom update on my iPhone since it has been close to nonfunctional since I upgraded to OS4.0. Now I need a way to tell the tomtom, "ok, i am at my destination, shut the fsck up"

She keeps yabbering in my pocket about making the next legal uturn until I tell it I do not have a route. Which takes several clicks to get to.