I'm sorry, where exactly did you say he was vacationing again?

Spain - he's back at work now.

Of course he was dealing with the response, he was obligated to do so. If he truly cared about the "little people" as you so put, he'd volunteer to be on a Louisiana beach today collecting tarballs, or out on a boat tending to booms.

No well he's got management responsibilities so he can't just do whatever he likes.

Or, perhaps he could have organized the response much better, oil wouldn't have reached those beaches and marshes, and replacement wouldn't have been necessary.

I don't think anyone's come up with a better way of doing it - he was replaced because of all the anti-British flak that was flying around. In fact there's been no real change to the operations since Bob Pudley took over except they're now being described by someone with an American accent