Just look at the past 3 months.. BP has LIED over and over again about many things.. 1st they lied on the drilling applications, making claims they knew they couldn't achieve,
Then they first said the flow rate was 1000 gallons per hour when internal memos show they knew it was much higher... that estimate over the next few months went from 1000 to 60,000 ! They have a pattern on lying and that's the present... so what convinces you they changed anything from their past behavior ?

Now the people who are not corroborating BP's position are the very same as those who are trying to pass off a one-sided assessment of the disaster ....

There are people who once worked for BP who have come forward to describe how they faked safety tests.. I've hear others on many radio and TV shows.. heard another guy who worked for BP in Alaska who said they're repeating the same SOP up there they did in the gulf and it's a ticking time bomb. Where have you been ? Many of these are oil field workers who are POed about BP (and other oil companies) cavalier attitude towards safety and the value of their workers. These aren't network or newspaper talking heads. They KNOW what they're talking about.

There may be others who are also liable, but I think BP owns at least 75-80% of the responsibility from all the information I've heard.
David (OFI)