...much worse than Union Carbide, Exxon Mobil - do you even know how many people died in Bhopal?

this is why you can't see the facts, KM... you're mired in irrelevant BS.. WTF does Bhopal have to do with this ? Absolutely nothing... that was Union Carbide, this is BP ! (BTW- I know hundreds died- it was horrible, but that doesn't make this any less a disaster !). Stick to the subject and forget Bhopal, Eddie Izzard, and the Queen Mary !!

Furthermore there were indications of gasket leaking days, if not weeks, before the blowout... BP managers ignored all the and went ahead... red flags were flying up all over the place - they were ignored for expediency and cost savings- that's NEGLIGENCE, dude !!

Lastly, "BP denied being in a rush".. many others don't corroborate those statements... are you that gullible? i.e. still waiting for that check from Nigeria ? whistle
David (OFI)