driving the bus when it wrecked...

Driving the bus doesn't necessarily imply negligence - depends whether there was anything was wrong with the bus when it wrecked and if so whose fault that was.

"You know who" ignores ALL these facts.

No one's ignoring 'em... some of us are giving them appropriate weight whilst it seems that others are blowing them up out of all proportion.

He must either own stock, be defending anything British, or is a stubborn, ignorant fool who's too arroghant to admit he was mistaken.

It's not actually British and, no, I don't own stock... what other reasons can you dream up for someone taking a rationale point of view? As for being stubborn, mistaken, whatever - you're skating on pretty thin ice supposing that BP are going to be found solely responsible just because Obama, competitors, and big mouths all say so.