Yes Steve it has been well documented BP was driving the bus when it wrecked... that was my point too. "You know who" ignores ALL these facts. He must either own stock, be defending anything British, or is a stubborn, ignorant fool who's too arroghant to admit he was mistaken. blush
However, the response plan IS in a big part MMS fault- someone should be fired there, possibly many(and possibly prosecuted if it can be documented they received favors or $)... but BP owns a good chunk of that too. They signed off on it.. if there were lies or untruths - they should have either (1) changed it to correct the facts, or (2) NOT signed the document. Honesty !! Geez- what a concept ! wink
It's another FACT that if someone will LIE, they'll also cheat (safety regs) and steal ! And we all know they have been about as transparent as the leaking oil about the whole incident. H3LL a blind man could see this.
We're on the same page Steve.
David (OFI)