I keep saying this over and over again: It's been well documented that most of the risky if not outright non-compliant measures that the subcontractors undertook were at the insistence of BP, and in several cases under noted disagreement. If you tell someone in your employ to ignore industry regulations and/or best practices, you own the consequences and the lion's share of the responsibility.

The insensitive remarks made by some of the top BP people whether out of hubris or poor judgment or an unfortunate accident of language are not really germane to the bigger issue, which is who was calling the shots on that rig. BP. Period.

As for their response plan being totally bogus, I lay that mostly at the feet of the MMS. We've already seen that the response plans offered by virtually all of the big oil companies were identical down to walruses in the Gulf of Mexico save for the logos on the covers. How could that be? Simple. IMHO, some MMS lackey made copies of one bidder's response plan, and handed them out like candy, saying "Just put your logo on this and submit it."