Who cares what Eddie Izzard "thinks"... it's irrelevant... that's why you can't see the facts... you're avoiding them with diversions like this.

We DO know that BP didn't apply the 3rd mud plug (standard procedure in the industry) before trying to move in the pumping station... we DO know that they have a horrible history of safety violations... we DO know they could have had a better BOV if they were really concerned with safety - the ones REQUIRED on rigs in the North Sea that they have to use there.... geez wouldn't want the UK beaches covered in oil and polluted !

There was a post on this site from some one who worked in the oil fields and he cited many red flags BP ignored in their rush to production and pad the bottom line..

AND their Federal application to drill and how they'd deal with spills was just company BS... they fabricated the whole thing ! They didn't have a F-ing clue and they LIED on it !

sorry if that's not deliberate negligence, I don't know what is.
David (OFI)