And I gave them some credit for that... but their disaster not been fixed yet. $20 B may not be enough. . . and it doesn't cover their negligence.

And seeing the historical information on their wrecklessness and lack of conscience on safety, that's like me getting drunk, killing several members of your family, and then saying, "oh well, sorry KM - here's a million for their lives." (now go away - Gee, I wish I could get my "life" back !! )

Does that really cover it ?
is $ the only answer ?
Am I supposed to walk away scott - free? just pay the fine and throw some money at it!

That thinking is so shallow and cold-hearted.
That's the problem with your mantra. . .that's the problem with BP and many other industries. They've been doing it for years and most often get away with it. When they get nailed - this is their response.
David (OFI)