what did he do to help the victims in the Gulf

Well, he made and honoured assurances that no expense would be spared to restore the Gulf to its former state and he put in place a fund of $20bn which was unprecedented in the history of oil exploration. The fund was volunteered irrespective of legal claims against corporate third parties which all started trying to creep out through the back door hoping no one was going to notice.

... dismiss what they feel and he saw and heard and said I want my life back again.This is selfish and heartless on his part.

No that was deliberately or ignorantly misinterpreted by all the big mouths and know-alls who suddenly turned into amateur mind-readers about what he meant, and got it wrong. What he actually meant was - that he wanted no one to doubt he was working tirelessly and sparing no effort to remedy the problem with all the resources at his own and BP's disposal.