Nailing to a cross? Really? OK, not. Really.

By leaving the Ignore this User option on, I've saved myself a whole lot of aggravation and I'm really satisfied with the overall user experience. I couldn't resist reposting the Caution Rabbit Circle Jerk Ahead sign, but it was for Chris' benefit. Everybody else has seen it, but since Chris is pretty new to the game, I figured he'd get a laugh.

Ignore KM or don't ~ Isn't the question. I do, and as stated, it's really made a difference. I enjoy the Box a lot more lately. Perhaps the question might instead be ~ Why would he respond directly to somebody who's made it clear they aren't reading his posts?

Availing myself of the benefits of the Ignore This User Option obviously seems silly to some peeps. I suggest that KM responding to my posts is vastly sillier.

Oh, my. I believe I have the makings of a Python sketch here.

I always deserve it. Really.