Thanks, I'll check those out. Much to my surprise I got this to work on the input fields but the submit buttons didn't work - which I suppose is where HTML runs out and PHP kicks in:

{form method = “post” action= “docs.php}{pclass= “legend”}Personal information{/p}{fieldset id= “personal”}

{label}Name:{/Label}{input type=“text”
name=“name” size= “30” /}{br /}

{label}Address1{/Label}{input type=“text”
name=“address1” size= “50” /}{br /}

{label}Address2{/Label}{input type=“text”
name=“address2” size= “50” /}{br /}

{label}Town{/Label}{input type=“text”
name=“town” size= “50” /}{br /}

{label}City{/Label}{input type=“text”
name=“city” size= “50” /}{br /}

{label}Postcode{/Label}{input type=“text”
name=“postcode” size= “30” /}{br /}

{p id=“buttons”}{input type=“submit”
value=“Submit” /}{input type=“reset”
value=“Reset” /}{/p}

where { } = < >