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LOL - Right YoYo

Only Keymaker don't understand, I guess he will circle jerk this too.

Wiki BP history - Right from the top

BP plc[3][4] is a British-based global energy company which is the third largest energy company and the fourth largest company in the world. The name "BP" derives from the initials of one of the company's former [b]legal names, British Petroleum

As mentioned many many times, this is NOT ABOUT THE BRITSH (PEOPLE) - it is all about the company that is called BP <----- YES it is British Petroleum = BP

So as soon as keymaker can understand a simple FACT that yes that the B in BP stands for British and we are not against the people of England or UK.

Misconceptions, keymaker your thinking is all your own creation and we are all trying to help you understand. I understand that some people are either to loyal or misguided to a point to where they are blind to facts and reality at the same time. However, just that your circle jerk seems to go on forever, even with the world larger majority believes that BP has wronged the planet and their victims and you still stand here and defend what cannot be defended.

Believe me if TransOcean as you contend is the whole hanging man -- The whole (world) would be after them and not BP <-- Get it Now -- something is seriously flawed with your synopsis and you won't see it.

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