It is possible the casing has problems and this could be why they stopped the top kill. According to experts in the industry who have been watching this from the start the BOP is not leaning any more or less since the blow out started. There are so many wild ass rumors out there, sometimes parroted in the MSM, it is hard to know what to believe. It does not appear that the collapse of the wellhead is likely anytime soon.

The big concern now is that the relief well will be difficult because the drilling mud weight required to stop the flow is close to what could cause the geologic structure around the wellhead to fracture. The good news is the guys drilling the relief well are the very best in the business with the best record for successful relief wells. No doubt the BP company man on the rig and the BP bosses on shore are letting the drillers call all the shots and are giving them whatever they need to get this job done right. There is speculation that the second relief well may be needed. Let's hope for the best.