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No I was thinking about the response in contrast to that of Union Carbide in Bhopal and ExxonMobil in the Niger Delta, for example. Liability for the spill itself remains to be determined by the courts, of course, but since Transocean operated the rig and Halliburton was responsible for sealing the well they would appear to be prima facie answerable for the fallout.


Hmmmm.... sounds rather judgemental.

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Not over here they're not - most of us are reserving judgement. In particular we need to know more about the contractual terms between BP, Transocean and Halliburton and we need to hear BP's account of what went wrong.

And yet you seem to have already judged that TransOcean & Halliburton are responsible. But, BP is not?

I'll ask again and if you do not care to answer, I will leave it alone. Do you know what a company man is?

No, it is not a reference to you being a shill for BP. It has to do with the BP situation.

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