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That's one of the reasons we have netflix today - the guy who created netflix got pi$$ed off by one too many large late fees from BB. Came up with the netflix model and the rest is history.

There was a Local movie store -Screen Play- we joined after that which was VERY customer oriented and he got dozens (if not 100s) of customers from BB. One feature he offered was you could call in and hold a movie for 1 hour... saved you wasted trips and gas. He also had waiting lists for new releases... get your name on the list and they'd call you when your name was up- you had 3-4 hours to pick it up. Nice guy too !... Also once a month they sold ticket books- $1.50 a ticket.. 1 ticket got you 2 nights rental... man $1.50 was cheap for the longest - when BB was charging $3.50-$4 + late fees. ScreenPlay's late fee was 99 a night ! I could handle that ! Also if you rented 3 movies or more, they gave you a free bag of popcorn !

We were members for > 10 years- I was very happy there until they closed last October... Red Box and Netflix finally killed them too. frown
David (OFI)