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Ended up winning the 50/50 pot yesterday at a crab feast.

Heading to Best Buy today to preorder the phone. smile

The Evo is sweet, though you puzzle me with the size comment as it's pretty much the same size as the Droid X, the X being just slightly longer.

Do you get 4G reception where you are located?

Sprint (Clear) has promised 4G where i live "this summer" so that probably means Sept.

i went and played with an EVO and i thought it was almost too big . . . and even though the Droid-X has a screen only slightly bigger than the EVO, the casing around the screen is even bigger yet, so . . . if the EVO is on the edge of my comfort level then the Droid-X is just too big.

my contract with AT&T is technically up in early August, but i think i'd only have to pay about $20 to break my contract right now so that's no biggie. i will almost certainly go to Sprint as i want the 4G speeds, but i might wait until the next "iPhone killer" phone emerges after the EVO -- it would need to be 4G. i am a bit patient. then again, my home internet has been out since Friday (Comcast) and it sure would have been nice to have an EVO right now tethering internet to all of our home computers via Wifi. ah well.