So, I love the iPhone 4. Checked it out from one of my buddies at work.

Of course the stinger for me is it's not on Verizon. Since we get rebated on the service, I'm not going to toss that money out the window every month.

Plus, the area where I work there is ZERO 3G with AT&T, but Verizon has great coverage. It's frustrating that I can pull up a youtube video on my pokey Omnia and play it before it even begins on an iPhone.

Anyway, the Omnia has been giving me the craps lately, and the GPS stopped working altogether. What was a first a decent smartphone devolved into crap, which somehow locks up completely every time my wife calls me. Yeah, she didn't believe it until I had her call me and she saw it herself. Only when her number calls too.

I downloaded the google SDK for android, which runs a virtual phone on your computer and have been playing around with it, and frankly it's pretty sweet. GMAIL is incredible on this OS.

I can't wait anymore for a Verizon iPhone, I need to dump this winmo phone, and since my contract renews in november I'm eligible to upgrade to the Droid X when it comes out. Except that I won't actually be able to get it until mid august (vacation). Then maybe in 2 years there will be a verizon iphone with 4G.

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