What kind of flakes do you encounter?

Well, some of the Macs (the Windows machines just connect) need to have the password put in, one throws up errors at login, and none of them actually connect 'till you open up one of the folders on the shares. I've even tried making the shares the default location for Finder windows, but without the user opening the location, it won't log in, even on the ones that seem to retain the password.

I do remember that when I was working at the school newspaper and stuff, the guy had all these different shares that would just be there when you logged into the system. But his was set up so that no matter which machine you logged into, you had the same home folder and stuff, which was really nice, but I don't really need it here.

I did watch the video, and it confirmed that I'd set up everything correctly. I guess if worse comes to worse, I can just delete or archive the server and start that part over again without actually reinstalling OS X Server.

IN an interesting turn of events, I'm still logging into the server, but for some reason can't get file sharing to authenticate. :-p