To "braab" or anyone else, for that matter: Moved on to WHAT? One of my business associates used Act! on the Mac for years, until he could no longer run it (I guess when he could no longer run the Classic OS). Then he grudgingly switched to NUTD/NC, which was far less facile than what he was used to, but he learned to work with it.

Then he waited and waited for "Blackhawk," which when it finally came out simply did not work. We really tried hard to use it but it was to no avail. Switched back to NUTD/ but that install on the computer which was running Now X has been very flaky ever since, always trying (and failing) to connect to a server when there isn't even one defined. Probably have to do a complete uninstall/reinstall.

But that's a backdrop for my question: what contact manager is out there? The Apple offerings are bits and pieces, not fully baked tools. He needs to schedule meetings (in a calendar) with people (in a contact manager). And then he need to know where he's got to be at whatever time that day, and he needs to have quick access to the people's phone numbers and email addresses if something goes amiss.

We looked at Bento but that's a develop-it-yourself tool which we don't have time to develop. What are people using? It MUST be easy to use and quick, and NOT so overly feature laden that you're sitting there clicking and pulling down menus and checking boxes for 5 minutes to enter a contact.