Chipotle burritos. Chipotle's a chain of cheap, natural, hormone free, healthy Mex fast food, sort of like Baja Fresh, but more focused ( only burritos and tacos, beef, chicken, pork and vegetarian ). Anyway, they're killer three-pounders.

So, tonight it sounded good to knock off their burritos for dinner.


Cilantro-lime rice. Fine chop up some cilantro and put it in the fluid along with lime juice and a touch of lime zest. A little salt. Minced garlic. Some minced onion. Touch of cumin or chili powder. Water. Bring to boil and put in rice, stir, simmer covered, stir occasionally; or just do it all in a rice cooker. Oh yeah, use Basmati rice, a lot more flavor and better texture.

Chipotle chicken. Just grill up some chicken sliced up into little chunks, in olive oil. Grill em up then finish them off with Lawry's Chipotle marinade - Finish em off enough that the marinade caramelizes a little.

Can of pinto beans.

Jumbo sized tortillas. Steam these in a microwave anyway you see fit, but steam them good. You could do a bit with them between damp towels, cloth or paper.

OK, then you just put a good dollop of the rice on a tortilla, then a dollop of pinto beans, then a dollop of the chicken. You could put other stuff, like fresh salsa, tomato, etc, but I prefer just the cilantro-lime rice, pinto beans, and chipotle chicken. Sour cream work, too, but not tonight ( no sour cream ). Or some fresh guacamole is killer, too ( but the kids killed that off for lunch, with nachos ).

Start to roll from one end, but not completely, then fold up and tuck the two sides, and finish rolling. That sucker should end up huge, a couple pounds at least.

They're big and delicious, so we just had them, a platter of mixed fruit ( strawberries, blueberries, melon slices, pineapple slices ), and Arnold Palmers ( half tea and half lemonade or thereabouts, my preference towards 2/3 lemonade topped with 1/3 tea ).

Cheap, fast, simple, delicious dinner, and somewhat healthy, too.

Fine! Ethel/Kate/Starmillway