I went over the case many times with a fine tooth brush, and then again with a rare earth magnet from a cd drive to get all the shavings out. Then I installed the fans But in the process put a big crack in the side panel. I will look for a cheap replacement while I search for a processor upgrade. If I find one I might also plan my hole positions better to make a design. as you can see only one fan lights up. I can fix that with extra leds but the fans are smelling kind of like a dead capacitor. I am wondering if I shouldn't just replace them alltogether. Ive never bought a new computer fan before, always had plenty from old computers I take apart. Maybe im smelling a type of a "new car smell"? I doubt it though.

also sence the fans are tilted the corner of one of the fans impinges on the harddrive. I plan on cutting the corner off but not until I double check the direction of the fan, because I wont be able to turn it around when I am done. Sometime I should properly roll the Ide cable for the cd drive where it goes in front of the fan and wire the fans to the original fan connector.

also I broke part off of the latch mechanism/plastic motherboard backplate because the case is harder to close since the cat knocked it on the floor. I can replace it with the original g4 one. The only thing is the sticker wont be blue.

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