Carp, Lea has provided some excellent tips for you.

I started my "blackjack training exercise" in Vegas because they have free table games lessons & $1 minimum bet tables. Atlantic City does not have either mad but has quite a few "senior/disabled" tables ($5 minimum bets). Those are really fun tables for a beginner. The pace is slower & the people are fun to play with.

When gambling, always set a budget for yourself & don't go over it. Play for fun, not to win.

When you play slots, always play the max coins.
I have a set budget amount for $1, 50 & 25 slots. When done, I take $20 & play the 1 & 2 slots. That $20 last me all day & into the evening hours. Most nights I walk away with $100 on those machines.

I only gamble at night & into the wee mornings. I love taking the "day trippers" money. laugh

The main thing is to just enjoy yourself.
The ones who play to win, are the ones playing w/their rent, mortgage, car notes, running back & forth to the Mac machines monies. smirk

Another tip. When gambling wear a fanny pack. Pickpocketers love casinos. I'm a people watcher & I have seen quite a few professional pickpocketers in action in both Vegas & Atlantic City. shocked
I notice in Vegas they work in 3s. In AC they mostly work in 2s.

Side note: Vegas "casino" hookers are more glamorous & beautiful looking than they are in AC. In AC it's hard to tell the "casino" females hookers from the tranny hookers. laugh

"Casino" hookers don't work the streets. whistle