You can learn enough about blackjack to have a fighting chance, but you have to want to learn. And never every play at a table where the dealer or the other players don't feel "right." That's a luck thingie for me, anyway. Cold dealer, pissed off players, I'll pass after a couple of hands. Unless I start to win, then I'll just ride it so I can keep the pissed off players pissed off, and then I'll walk away just when I'm really gettin' hot. Makes their heads explode. laugh

Slots are easy and you get a lot more play for your nickle ~ Look for the machines at the end of the rows, the ones with the highest visibility. Then stake out a few, and watch for the ones that somebody is playing for a long time and losing. When they finally walk away, that's as good a slot as any to play.

The house never loses, but it wants everybody to think they have a chance, so the slots with the highest crowd visibility are the ones that will pay the best/most often. 'Course, your very best bet is to just not play, but that's no fun. Second best bet is to quit while you're ahead, but that's not easy. wink
I always deserve it. Really.