My daughter is currently trying to teach me Texas Hold 'Em. It's her favorite game.

I am strictly a "slot slut." About 5 years ago my daughter taught me how to play "casino" blackjack as opposed to me running my mouth like I do playing at home. blush
What I do now is take my "slot" winnings to play blackjack. Got pretty good at it. Since I play for "fun" I find "friendly" tables at the casinos. Still like to run my mouth during games. blush
Played in a mini-tournament once & made it to the 3rd round. Was so proud at myself because I was the only female that made it that far. Walked away with $2500. The winning pot was $10,000. Tournament games are too serious for me. I could imagine how serious the players must be to play in those $100k+ tournaments.
My paramour only plays Spanish 21. That game makes my head spin with the strange odds. So I just sit there with him making side bets, take his my winnings & play on the slots. laugh

Wish casinos had pinochle!