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They [BP] measured how much they were collecting at the surface multiplied it by two because they knew they were only getting half of it and came out with the first informed measurement... alright 'meastimate' of the spill.


The following came out today about BP's current 'meastimate'. The article applies today and also to the time of the first 'meastimate'.

Scientists challenge BP containment claims
Cast doubt on statement that device could capture 'vast majority' of oil

Some scientists are taking issue with BP's statement that a containment cap placed over a gushing well could be capturing "the vast majority" of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.

They suggest it's misleading, if not irresponsible, to make such a statement when the company has acknowledged it doesn't know how much oil is flowing from the busted well, or how much the spill rate has increased since engineers cut a riser pipe so it could properly fit the containment cap.

"I don’t see that as being a credible claim," said Steve Wereley, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University and a member of the Flow Rate Technical Group, a national panel of scientists and engineers tasked with determining the spill size.


"I do not know how BP can make that assertion when they don’t know how much oil is escaping. I would say that statement is their hope and aspiration," added Ira Leifer, a researcher in the Marine Science Institute at the University of California Santa Barbara who is also a member of the flow-rate panel.


Judging by live undersea videos, "it looks like a freely flowing pipe," Leifer said. "From what it looks like right now it suggests to me they’re capturing a negligible fraction."


The Flow Rate Technical Group is working on an estimate of the amount of oil spewing from the cut-off riser and could have a number by the end of the week if it gets suitable data from BP.


Sens. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., chairwoman of Environment and Public Works Committee, and Bill Nelson, D-Fla., requested that BP "provide full access to all video" related to the spill. The panel received 12 minutes of new high-resolution video Tuesday from BP.


[…]any statement on the proportion of oil being captured and saved from the Gulf is, like most of the underwater spill videos, murky, said Leifer.

"BP is arguing with[in] itself. I’m happy to watch their argument but it would be much nicer if they would let in some scientists to make measurements," he said.


BP is proving to be disastrous at all levels!