BuddyPop got updated a couple of months ago, without me noticing. I used this happily for years until it sort of broke in Leopard and I backed away from it. The new version works with 10.5/10.6. I love this app, for quick Address Book lookups it's the best. I don't know about all its arcane extras, like dialling and so on, because I've never used them.

Note: if you have BTGooglexxxxx.bundle files in your ~Library/Address Book Plugins folder, BuddyPop's config panel will freeze when you try to edit what fields get displayed (and you have to quit using Activity Monitor). The workaround is to move those bundles, edit the fields in BuddyPop, and then replace the bundles - BuddyPop works fine alongside them apart from this incompatibility when trying to access the Address Book fields. Not the dev's fault, but Google's, apparently.

Oh yeah, undocumented feature: you can click on an item in the search results pane (such as a phone number or address) and copy it to the clipboard.

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